Hi, Welcome To DopeArk's Server Shop, Below Are Some Commonly Asked Questions And their Answers!

Q: What Can I Buy in The Shop?

A:You Can Currently Purchase Lootboxes, VIP ranks, Points & Name Changes!

Q: How Does it Work, Will An Admin Have to Be Online To Give Me The Items?

A: No!, Our System is Fully Automated, You Will Instantly Receive Your Items if you're already online, Otherwise you Will Receive Your Items When You Log in!

Q: What Are The Payment Methods?

A: We Only Support PayPal.

Q: Do I Get Anything Else Besides The Item I Paid For?

A:Yes!, You Absolutely do, Any Item You Buy Will Give you A Donator Rank, This Will Give you the ability to chat from Discord to Ingame Server chat which will be sent to all servers, you also get custom VIP kits which will be available to you every season & your name will be tagged and highlighted in the ingame chat along with you having the Patrons role in our Discord server!

Q: Why Do You Need My Steam Log-In Information, Is This A Security Risk?

A: Absolutely not!, your steam login is solely required so our automated system can confirm who to give items to ingame, we never see any of your log-in in credentials as they're encrypted by steam and only your STEAM64 ID is sent to us!

Q: Will The Items Be Kept When the Server Gets Wiped?

A: Your Donator Rank And Your Custom Donator Kits Will Always Be available to you, Along With Any Unused Lootboxes And Any Rank Purchased In the VIP section, however any lootboxes you opened will be lost along with any dinos and items you got along the way!

Q: I Bought An Item But Have Never Received it What Gives?

A: Your Payment Might be locked by Paypal or it is on hold, Your items will be given to you when the payment is cleared!

Q: Is There Any Refund Policy, What Happens if I Charge Back?

A: There is a very strict no refunds policy, All Payments to DopeArk are final and will not be refunded, in case of a charge back you will be banned from all DopeArk servers,

Q: Wait What, Monthly Subscriptions, What Are Those?

A: Monthly subscriptions on DopeArk are like any other monthly subscription when you're subscribed you receive the perks of that item, in case of a subscription cancellation the perks are removed!

Q: What Are My Donations Going To Be Spent On?

A: All Server Donations are spent purely on making DopeArk Better, Such As purchasing new hardware, private & public plugins and other software required to provide the best possible experience for our players!

Q: How Do Lootboxes Work?, What Are Their Drop Chances?

A:The Chance of an item or a dino dropping are calculated by getting the total amount of items/dinos in the category and dividing that by the number of dinos/items there are in that category, you can see what dinos and categories a loot box contains by clicking the buy button on the loot box listing!

Thank You For Making Our Network Better

Sincerely, An Admin Of DopeArk